It's Another Awesome Day w/B&K: Week- 5


K so I was trying to upload a different video, but I can't tell which one is which when I'm uploading them, so it's pretty much all luck. I've tried 3 different times and this rap of Spencer has come up I'm guessing it's meant to be on here... this is our feature from our B&K Podcast I guess. Kylea & I were beat boxin in the background and Spencer had to create a rap for a project, so here is him practicing. I will upload the video that I really wanted on here tomorrow, it's way too late to keep trying and Kristyne is already asleep with the lights off! Anyways, the second video is our podcast!! Enjoy!

The Spenctimony: I'm on the left with the notepad getting way into it and Kylea is on the right breakin it down...

So this video upbruptly ended and we only give this podcast a one shot try, so here is half of what was said...



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