It's Another Awesome Day w/ B&K: Week 4


Hey Hey Hey! Here is us girls again. Enjoy!


Kristyne said...

Brittany i'm so sorry i'm annoying in the video.

Karrie said...

HAHA i love how you guys were whispering.LOL. Can't wait to hang out with you this WEEKEND!!!

Brittany said...

Kristyne I wanted you to be annoying in the video. That's what B&K is all about.
jk I love that you practically talk the entire time, sometimes I just don't have my head on straight and need someone to talk for me.

Jenn said...

This video is hilarious,,, i agree with Karena its funny when you guys were whispering!! And I cant believe you ate a chickens HEART-------- GAG me please!! see you this weekend!

Courtney said...

dear kristyne,
first of all, learn my last name!
second, how do you know that information about me?>?
and third, i apologize about that wall banging, that was kylea, i kept telling her to stop because it was so annoying so I am very apologetic about that but I am glad i did accidentaly walk into your room while you were podcasting so i could finally be on one of your episodes. loved it!


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