Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!
These photos are from last night's Christmas Eve. celebration.
All the family was over and we spent all night eating, making gingerbread houses and enjoying each other's company.

This is how Savi opens her gifts..

I love this baby girl!

Mother helping us with making the frosting for gingerbread houses!

Group Shot!
Katie's house

creative little snowman

...along with this impressive Santa.

Katie with her creation!

Dave with his cheesy smile and his house!

Tropical beach gingerbread house!

David's bearded dragon made out of skittles and frosting

And lastly, my gingerbread log cabin made with twizzlers!

Jenn and Savi resting from dinner

Both Katies blowing gumdrop kisses.

Their cavities they got after eating so much candy!

Cutest picture alive!... Happy Holidays!


Courtney said...

soo cute!!!
i love the pictures of baby savi!!
and i love your bangs!!

Emily said...

Love seeing the Christmas Eve pics!

We all love the last shot of Savi - too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hey britt, I know why your camera looked darker than mine. It is because i've got mine personally set to a specific contrast and color. I'll show you how to fix it when you come over. Hope you had a good time shooting tonight, I know Lyndzee and I did. We should have the best shots up on the blog in a day or so.


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