Summer Camping


Look at all the woodpecker holes! 
Hey there! I'm bringing this blog back to real life for a second, because that's what matters most, right? Landon finished his second year of medical school and took his big medical board exams...geez what a stress! From January until June I didn't really have "my husband" and those last couple months leading up to his exam I was a lone wolf, so I'm extremely excited that it's over and finished, I'm glad I have my husband back, and I'm even more happy that he can breathe again! I'm so proud of him.

For our first weekend back to real life I took Landon to a nearby ceramic studio/museum and signed him up for a class.  If you remember, he has a true talent for ceramics and hasn't stopped talking about it since we were up in Rexburg, but unfortunately didn't have any time to do it. So now that he'll be working in the hospitals he can go in during the evenings and create. That's exciting!

And then for our weekend getaway we decided to go camping up in the mountains nearby.  We love camping and love cooking over the fire together so it was the perfect weekend back to being a normal happy married couple. Here's just a few photos from our weekend. We hope to camp a couple times a month now and are excited to take advantage of this extra time off before Landon jumps into more intense rotations. Congrats babe!!


Unknown said...

I can practically feel how excited you are to have you husband back! I know what it's like to be a lone wolf for a while and it can get a little lonely. And your camping photos are just glorious!

Hillary Kirkham said...

I talked to Chase and we really want to go camping with you guys when he gets back! It looks and sounds so fun :]

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kylie said...

so good. xxx


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