Be Spiritual: Put time aside daily to read and study the scriptures.
Be Creative: Draw every single day, even if it's only for five minutes. Draw, draw, draw!
Be Healthy: Take care of my body and make myself whole again! I've been putting it off
for 4 years to face the facts of what my body is really going through... just one step at a time.
Be Organized: Keep up on my emails and phone calls... don't wait a week to write people back!
Be Business: Don't procrastinate work and be a better business woman.  Be more like Landon :)
Be Patient: Yes, simply just be more patient.
Be Proactive: Find local art shows to participate in and start promoting my work.
Be Musical: Learn Nocturne C# minor on the violin!  My mother just got me a violin for
Christmas; its been a dream of mine to play since I was just a little one... thanks momma.
Be Supportive: It's not that I'm already supportive to Landon, but be even more supportive
with his studying and medical school stresses!  Get up with him every day, pack his lunches,
and continue to do more of the cute wifey things for him.
Be Martha: Find more healthy recipes for dinner and get creative in the kitchen!
Be Active: Exercise regularly and crack down at tennis so I can beat Landon's butt! :)

I've never physically written out my resolutions, but maybe by doing this I will actually get things done!
Yay for 2012!


Andrea said...

Great Resolutions! Hope you succeed at every one of them!

Unknown said...

love this brittany!!! good luck on accomplishing them!

mj said...

Love the resolutions. I might just copy and paste-em they're so good.

elle.crews said...

I love your resolutions! Most are very similar to mine! Good luck! :)
I have followed your blog for a while now and I absolutely love it! I'm wanting to do little "getting to know you" posts of my favorite bloggers (no cost!) and I would love to have you answer a few questions for me! Nothing formal! Fun, silly, simple questions!

My email is and my blog site is Let me know if you are interested!


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