>>> I received the prettiest little package a few days ago... the infamous KINFOLK magazine printed to perfection. I am beyond impressed with the final product and feel so grateful to be a part of something so great. Today the first issue of KINFOLK was released with an online version of the magazine but I would highly recommend ordering a printed copy here. The whole magazine is a piece of art itself and continually keep flipping through it.
Go here to look through the magazine.
Thanks Nathan and everyone else involved!


LSto125 said...

Congratulations Britt! I'm so happy for you! It's exciting to know that you got to be a part of this first edition! I went to order a hard copy and they are already sold out, boohoo :<

Becca said...

Proud of you!! What an amazing accomplishment and experience!

Megan Hollenback said...

LOVE IT! good job :) talented people you.

sasha said...


britt. this is absolutely amazing.
i just had to catch up with what's been going on in your life. my family's been in town, so it's been hard to find the time to go through my google reader. but i'm so glad i made the time today! i am SO SO SO happy for you!

B&A said...

AMAZING!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! great job old friend!

p.s. I still have your math device

shopgirl said...

what a beautiful wrapped package!

p.s. I forgot to say in my last comment Brittany that I love your vase collection - it's absolutely gorgeous!

Jenn said...

Congrats sister!!!

Emily said...

Super awesome, Britt! I think I may have to get a copy and make you sign it ! LOL!! ;)

Bridget said...

soooo beautiful- i have browsed it!

amanda jane said...

such beautiful shots! I loved your feature. Really beautiful photographs and such a good idea. :)

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