+ california!


anddddddd we're offfffff to CALIFORNIA!
with a successful semester of great grades [landon]
and doing enough art to fill up the walls in our house [me]
filled with lots of love from my two new baby nephews and lots of fun with my family.

and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the weather
will be sunny & warm like last spring break!!

ps. and don't worry mom i am wearing a bathing suit in
that photo! my hair is just covering everything up! :) yikes!


bridget anne said...

Lucky girl! That looks fantastic right now! Have so much fun : ]


siniann said...

Happy holidays! California sounds amazing :)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky! Going on vacations to another continent, thats is so amazing! Well right now in CA, its been raining :c, which is so sad.. :(


melissa said...

Have a great time miss!!!! Sounds fabulous! x

janis said...

have a beautiful time!

ps. you look absolutely teeny in that photo!

Shaylene said...

Lucky! Have a great time :)

LCR said...

have so much fun! i'm quite jealous- warm weather and a vacay? niice!


Collections said...

have so much fun! I've only been to california when I was a baby so I don't remember much. I'd love to go back someday!

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Natalie Naomi said...

Have fun! Can't wait to see the photos when you are back.

Sassi said...

great pics. you are so beautiful!

Natali said...

Have fun!! I am so jealous now!

Off Label Mama said...

Hooray! Have so much fun!

kylie said...

you are SO CUTE and this is too fun. live it up - sun is my best fwend

ATTrio said...

I love these pictures! So fun!

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