yay it's my birthday! today i am 21!

a few days ago i woke up with a birthday surprise from landon's brother...
we got to go on a helicopter ride over the coast of canada to the little island, victoria!!
we flew over in the morning and walked around victoria and enjoyed a cup of clam chowder and then flew back to vancouver that evening!
what a dream.
i at one slight moment felt like i was in the bacheorlette :)... but then realized i was luckier because i had one man on my arm that was looking hotter than ever. ;)
i am still on the road but once i am home and have time to go through the photos i will post them up!
yay for 21!


B&A said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That does seem like a dream, and I love that show!!! I'm jealous as jealous can be!!! Happy Birthday again old friend :)

Faith Garff said...

happy birthday! i hope you have a great day.

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!


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