i had my own little craft night last week.
i needed a break from everything and made these tissue paper mobiles.
they now hang from my ceiling and add a little pop of color in my room.




i took a ceramics class last semester and have been meaning to post up some of the final projects.
sadly, a lot of my pieces got trashed because i forgot to pick them up before the clean-up, but nonetheless,
here are a few:

this is my vase i made & painted... inspired by deconstructionism architecture.

this is my first coil pot. i got some help from landon on this!
we did this back in january.




in my class we were able to throw on the wheel, coil, or slab our pieces. i did mainly all coiling because i love the organic, asymmetrical look.
it was a fun class, i enjoyed it.


Emily said...

I wish I had just half the talent you have! Oh well, I guess we can't have it all! :) My favorite is the white vase! So awesome!

Landon Wood said...

thanks for the props :)
we are going to do some painting this weekend!!

kylie said...

oh oh oh i have those poms too! i made them a long time ago with good ol' martha stewart. they're lovely, yes.

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